To the untrained eye, comparing the Fusion to the Reaction may seem like an exercise in futility. They both provide similar warmth, are nearly equivalent in buoyancy, and both have the new, more comfortable neck design customers have been raving about. With the Fusion being a couple hundred dollars less, why would anyone buy the Reaction? Great question; let's dig in!
Purchasing a wetsuit, especially if it is your first wetsuit, can be an intimidating experience. These suits cost a lot of money after all, and it's common to be filled with doubts. "What if it doesn't fit?" "What if it's not comfortable?" "Can I swim in it? "Can I return it?" These are a few of the common concerns we hear regularly.
When the water temperature drops, open water training is quite a mental and physical challenge. But with the right preparation and thermal equipment, you can enjoy your training even in winter.
Get into your wetsuit! Here are a few tips to help you get into your wetsuit without any major contortions and above all: without damaging it!
Our Blueseventy athlete George Taplin has good tips on how to stay motivated and focused during the winter period!
George Taplin is our new Blueseventy athlete and has just joined our team. He is an open water swimmer and triathlete. Find out more about his training routine and his races & records.
Your wetsuit is a really reliable and highly functional sports partner with which you can have fun and swim your best times for a long time - if you look after it properly!

It really pays not to just stuff your wetsuit in the cupboard after use, but to give it a bit of regeneration time, i.e.: rinse it out, let it dry well.... and a lot more. This helps prevent bacteria from settling in your suit, which not only causes a bad smell but also attacks the material. Find out what you can do for your wetsuit in our care tips.
On the road to Kona: trainings tips & motivation from elite triathlete Andrew!
Putting our thermal lined wetsuit to the test, professional triathlete Eric Lagerstrom dove into the frigid Sandy River last month! Tired of the same old comfortable and warm pool routine, Eric decided to try something a little different.

While cold water swims may not become a staple in his training plans, the scenery was definitely beautiful! Check out the video produced by Transition Four of his river swim.
We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Chris Bagg, where the conversation naturally turned to swim mechanics. Chris is a professional triathlete who lives in Portland, Oregon, and has been swimming since he was ten. He runs the swim squad at Nike World Headquarters, loves his cyclocross bike, and spends most of his time thinking about ways to turn people into faster humans.
We're excited to announce a partnership with CHALLENGEDAYTONA, the inaugural CHALLENGEFAMILY triathlon festival set to take place at Daytona International Speedway. As the Official Wetsuit of the CHALLENGEDAYTONA Triathlon Event, blueseventy will support athletes in training for and racing the swim leg of the race in the welcoming waters of Lake Lloyd. "We're excited to team up with Challenge Family to support the new Challenge Daytona event. The race, the venue, and the competitive international professional field will all add up to an awesome athlete and spectator experience. The swim in Lake Lloyd, located inside Daytona International Speedway, sets the stage for an event...
Following the success of the Casco Bay Islands SwimRun event over the last three years, race organizer SwimRun USA looked to expand, deciding to bring this unique team competition to the Northwest corner of the United States. The inaugural San Juan Islands SwimRun promised an endless array of trails, views for days and crystal clear mountain lakes. For many of the participants and spectators, especially those from the Pacific Northwest, this would be their first taste of this emerging sport. Did it hold up to the promise? SwimRun USA's Lars Finanger chats with athletes at the pre-race briefing. On September 22, athletes convened on...
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